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Question 1... How do you motivate your office?

By James Stone 18 / 02 / 16
  • We, as a finely tuned office workforce, have just finished our morning quiz, 8 cog stirring questions asked by todays debut quiz-master Courtney.

    A perfect blend of trivia categories designed to energize and activate the slumbering Direct Imaging Staff. My favourite teaser today; “Name 3 of the 5 people at the top of the Forbes rich list.” Closely followed by “How old is David Beckham?” We try to do some sort of brain activator most mornings.

    This mornings treatment has been successful, and I have been thinking… How do other offices motivate themselves on a cold February morning? Is the morning activity and caffeine drip common practise in offices up and down the country? If not then I highly recommend that you get your quiz on! It may nibble into a few of the working minutes, but it sets you off at a jog rather then a crawl.

  • To set you off, here are some of our favourite morning activities.

  • As mentioned above these brain teasers get the office flowing, combining trivial fluff, with painful memory puzzlers is the key. When executed well by a gifted quiz-master, they are able to gain the full attention of the office, and you will be able to hear the frantic scribbling of all those who have scored more than 100 goals in the premier league, or which country has the most Nobel prize winners per capita.

    If you are particularly gifted in quiz construction, there is the opportunity to sneak in some work-relevant questions. Improving the industry knowledge of your staff without them realising they are learning. Stealth training!

    Ideal for any day of the working week.

  • A frantic game that relies on speed and general knowledge. 5 categories are chosen and written down as column headers, someone then picks a letter and the game is underway. The goal is to name an item within each category which starts with that particular letter. A round ends when somebody has an answer for each category and has shouted “STOP!” Each answer is then read aloud and points awarded accordingly;

    5 points for an item that someone else has also named
    10 points for a unique item
    15 points for a double-barreled unique answer (where both barrels begin with the chosen letter of that round.)

    Total up your scores, pick another letter and begin round 2.

    As it requires more speed than thought, this game is perfect for a Monday morning.

  • A family Christmas staple, everyone has a Nan that is a Pictionary ninja! She can use a pen and paper to convey even the most obscure of film titles (think “Friday the 13th” or “Beverly Hill Billies”). The best element of Pictionary is that it is a team game, the competition is ramped up and carried into the working day. This atmosphere can be put to good use in a sales office, the incentive of beating your colleagues for nothing more than bragging rights is rarely bettered.

    A great way to pick up a slow week or warm-up on those cold winter mornings with a bit of movement.

  • “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

    Steve Jobs

  • A study carried out by the Boston Consulting Group involving over 200,000 people reported that the 10 most important factors contributing towards job happiness are;

    • Appreciation for your work
    • Good relationships with colleagues
    • Good work-life balance
    • Good relationships with superiors
    • Company’s financial stability
    • Learning and career development
    • Job security
    • Attractive fixed salary
    • Interesting job content
    • Company values
  • This list shows that an activity in the morning is not a 1 step key to the happiness of a workforce, but it is a simple, easy and fun way to address a few of these bullet points while getting lips smiling and cheeks rosy. Pitching for somewhere between a team building exercise and after work drinks with a colleague will create a positive working atmosphere.

  • Give it a go!

    We love to share our morning activity on Facebook and Twitter with the winners getting a prize for their efforts, get your office involved and join in with the fun! Whether you work in a small. Medium or large business try taking 15 minutes before you get stuck into work to get your team laughing and enjoying the day.