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By James Stone 15 / 08 / 16
  • Early July saw the launch of arguably the most popular game planet earth has ever seen. Pokémon Go combines nostalgia, technology and a never ending treasure hunt to create something seemingly more addictive than heroin. With more than 75 million downloads worldwide, 50 million of which were in the first week of its release, it has broken all the previous mobile game download records.

    The game has received huge praise for its use of GPS and augmented reality to get people out of the house and hunting Pokémon. Meaning the game also acts as a fitness app, encouraging players to walk in order to catch Pokémon and travel to new areas in order to “Catch ‘em all”.

  • Small amounts of downtime can increase productivity, so a 5 minute wander around the office hunting for a Pikachu can be beneficial. For me, the best ratio is 5 minutes of procrastination to 55 minutes of working. It can be hard to stick to this, so setting an alarm on your watch or phone is a good way to keep on track.

    The problem? The game is so addictive that some players are having trouble putting their phones down at work. This is because the game rewards you for the distance you walk each day, and constantly checking to see which Pokémon are in the surrounding area. People all over the world are struggling to fit a bit of work into their hectic Pokémon Go schedule. Never before have so many members of staff willingly offered to do the coffee run, while smoking breaks have become a much more mobile affair. Office workers everywhere are changing the way they walk around their workplace to maximise the amount of pokéstops they can visit during each toilet break.

  • Regardless if this is just a craze or fad, the disruption to work is causing grief in offices all over the world at the moment. To combat this addiction, we have created a guide on how to re-focus the efforts of your colleagues.

  • “To know your enemy you must become your enemy”

    Sun Tzu

    As Pokémon Go uses real world locations via GPS, understanding where these dedicated Poke trainers are wandering off to every 5 minutes is essential. To map out your office within the Pokémon world you will need to have a look for yourself. This could mean feigning interest and asking someone playing the game, or downloading the game and taking a quick look around.
    It is also handy to establish who has a Poke-ddiction, the quickest way to do this is to say this phrase clearly to a co-worker who does not play the game;

    “What is going on outside? It’s crazy, there’s a hoard of people shouting ‘Charizard’. It’s manic out there!”

    Then watch from a safe distance as co-workers begin to pick up their phones and leave the office. These are the poor souls who can’t control the urge to capture Pokémon.

  • Once you know which colleagues are Poké-addicts and where they gather, it is time to prepare an ambush.
    The weaknesses of the typical Pokémon trainer are predictability, and lack of vision. This makes them particularly vulnerable to booby traps.

    **Disclaimer – don’t try any of these ever.* *

  • Strategically placed banana skins are a great way to catch the head-in-phone Pokémon hunter unawares. Plus this slippery, yellow fruit has loads of health benefits for powering your work day.

  • In the excitement of finding a pokémon, gamers rarely look too closely at what has appeared. Disguising a lion to look like Pikachu can be quite a tricky task, but extremely rewarding when you see the shock on your co-workers faces.

  • If you don’t like bananas or have access to a lion, a clear note is often just as effective. Notify the office of the consequences should they be caught catching Pokémon during working hours, using a clear and easy to interpret image.

    Pokémon Go really is a fantastic creation, making use of all the gadgets we carry around with us on our mobile phones such as the pedometer.and GPS.


    If you play when you should be working, you may be eaten by a lion.