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IT Supplies

The DIS IT division specialises in IT hardware and software, including work stations, laptops, servers, data storage, printers, networking, components, workstations and audio visual equipment. Our specialist knowledge of both public and private sector IT needs means that we are able to advise on and supply the most future-proof and cost effective IT products on the UK market.

Networking, Infrastructure & Services

Servers, Switches, Chassis Switches, Network Storage, KVM, Routers and Modems, WLAN, Back ups, UPS, Cloud Hosting, Cable Installation, Hardware Configuration and more

Client Hardware

Tablets and E-books, Thin clients, Notebooks, Desktops, Printers, Scanners, All in Ones, Accessories, POS, EPOS

Software & Licensing

Education licences, Volume Agreements, Adobe Creative Cloud, VMware, Citrix

Audio Visual

Projectors, Interactive whiteboards, Projector screens, Cameras, Speakers, Microphones, Video Cameras,TV, Digital Science

Safety & Security

Access Control, CCTV, Firewalls, Antivirus, Data Encryption, Secure Certified Disposal, Content Filters, Spam Filters

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IT Experts

Our IT team are experts at helping you to source the right product at the right price. Whether it’s new laptops for your school or a projector for the board room, our IT department will help you source the equipment you need.